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5 Ways to Lose The Tummy Fat Quickly


Forget Supplements – It’s About Diet

Tons of Indians are spending money on supplements that have no proven benefit in health or longevity and are ignoring what numerous studies have shown; preventing disease and dementia is all about the food you eat. This is real science with reproduced results in numerous studies. Change your diet and change your life:
·Avoid high glycemic carbohydrate diets: Carbs with high glycemic indiex have been shown to increase inflammation and oxidative stress leading to dementia. ·Eliminate completely high sugar diets: Even intermittent small blood elevations lead to dementia… even in non-diabetics. ·Eat one ounce of nuts/ day: Provides a great source of Vitamin E. ·Avoid trans fats and fast food: Numerous studies from different countries show a dose/ response relationship of increased depression and anxiety, not to mention heart disease and early death. ·Real fruit is better than fruit juice: Real fruit is loaded with natural sugar but it has equal amounts of fiber that help metabolize. Real fruit…

Simple Steps For Sleeping with Lower Back Pain


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Prevention and Treatment

In this age of endless keyboards, buttons and touchpads, the pain and inconvenience of carpal tunnel syndrome has become an increasingly widespread problem. Recognizing it for what it is and making the effort to address the problem is more than most people do, which keeps them in pain longer, and once the pain finally goes away most people don’t bother figuring out how to keep it from coming back. It’s important to determine whether you have carpal tunnel syndrome or some other injury, so that you don’t try to cure the pain with carpal tunnel exercises that can hurt you wrist rather than helping them if carpal tunnel isn’t the real problem. Other potential problems your wrist pain could be include:
·Muscle, Ligament or Tendon Injuries: injuries to the soft tissues, such as strains, sprains, contusions and tendonitis, can happen for a variety of reasons. Falling and catching yourself awkwardly, twisting your arm muscles at an odd angel, or receiving a blow during sports or other activiti…